Frequent searches for Web Hosting

Which Web Hosting package should I choose?
Since all packages provide unlimited traffic, choose a package depending on the size of your site or the available space you want your emails to have.
How do I pay and when is my package activated?
You can easily pay by credit / debit card or bank deposit / transfer. The process of activating the hosting package starts as soon as the payment is completed.
Will you transfer my site?
The transfer of your site is done by our team, and at every step of the process we inform you immediately, so that you never lose control of your website.
Can I upgrade my package?
The hosting upgrade can be done at any time you ask us. After careful study of the new needs of the site, we will suggest you the ideal package.
Why should I prefer you for Web Hosting?
We differentiate and excel in competition, because we always invest in the best hardware and software and fully support our customers.
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